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At Musical Offerings, the training of music is varied in style and genre. Here we teach Western piano and Indian classical singing and semi classical vocals, hindustani vocal training & classes, Musical Offerings has been around nurturing young talent for 6 years now. Our vision is to impart music knowledge by giving emphasis on the basics of music, working toward perfecting it day after day and gradually moving toward the next stage. Our students are trained to recognize musical notes and understand music in depth through rhythm. .

The Founder of Musical Offerings, and a passionate and dedicated musician, Roopali Banerjee hails from a musically rich family, and has received her initial training in Indian classical through her father Sri Arun Kumar Ganguly. A student of SIFAS, Roopali completed her Sangeet Visharad in Hindustani vocal under tutelage of Guru Susanta Chowdhury. In 2014, she also went on to win the best student award in Hindustani vocal. Having mastered the Western piano, Roopali shares her love for music as a piano teacher with ABRSM Singapore, where she trains young music lovers. She continues her passion by performing at various prestigious events organised by renowned names in Singapore.

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The piano is an acoustic, stringed musical instrument invented in Italy by Bartolomeo Cristofori around the year 1700, in which the strings are struck by hammers. We offer western piano coures & teach in singapore.


Singing is the act of producing musical sounds with the voice and augments regular speech by the use of sustained tonality, rhythm, and a variety of vocal techniques. Also we offer indian classical singing, classical music vocal in singapore.

musical offerings awards

Piano for beginners

Grade 1 ABRSM :- $150

Grade 2 ABRSM:- $190

Grade 3 ABRSM:- $240

Grade 4 ABRSM :-$260

Grade 5 ABRSM:- $290

Hindustani Vocal beginners

First year :- $150

Second year :$180

Third year :- $240

Fourth year :- $260

Fifth year :- $290

The fee has to be deposited at the beginning of every month by 15th.

Seasons of life

Water Raga Theme By Roopali Banerjee.

Roopali Banerjee playing Theme from Grade 1

JIYA MORA by Roopali Banerjee

Swagatam:- Ragasagar

Rag khamaj

Piano classical pieces.

Hersh Desai

Musical Offerings concert

Musical Offerings concert

Musical Offerings concert

Musical Offerings concert

Musical Offerings concert

Grade 1 exam piece demonstration.syllabus 2022-2023. Pianist Roopali Banerjee . Musical offerings.

Grade 1 exam piece demonstration. C 1 Virginia Hall . Pianist Roopali Banerjee.

Grade 1 exam piece B 2 Morning sun beam. Pianist :- Roopali Banerjee . Musical Offerings .

Grade 2 exam piece demonstration. A1 Ecossaise in G . Pianist Roopali Banerjee.

Grade 2 exam pieces demonstration . Pianist:- Roopali Banerjee.

Grade 2 exam pieces demonstration. C2 Mozzie .

musical offerings
get addicted to music

Through Musical Offerings, Roopali aims to provide young talents with platform that gives them an opportunity to learn and grow, appreciate and connect with Western piano and Hindustani vocals not just from the heart but from the soul.

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